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School Networking

August 13, 2009


On the Picnic day

East Sujankathi Govt. Primary School is located at Goil of Barisal District that is enlightened with proper education and culture historically. Our Primary School is one of the aged educational Institutes around the locality.

Voices of the rural children are awaiting to be heard at the global arena. They are doing some excellent jobs beyond there curriculum. They are being integrated themselves to be involved to the locality development, Good agricultural practice, local natural resources, seeds and seedlings, homestead gardening, nutritional knowledge in a play mode. The initiative is a part of Krisoker Sor (Farmers’ Voice) ‘s research of  “Integrating Nature as an Educator to Primary Curriculum” . As a component of the initiative, School to School Partnership plays a vital role of letting the children touch the international flavour.

The School was registered at Global Gateway in 2007 (Reg. Code: EMIS 501010108) with the aim of building partnership with schools around the world. Among huge communication and efforts, networking with Hartley Primary School, Hartley Avenue, London has been established and sustained  in teacher-teacher, student- student communication level. Initially students of class five from both the school participated in a water project. They have exchanged fotos, thoughts, questions, drawings, feelings. Email exchange among them and even the initiative is to support for the former students who wish to keep going the communication.

The Partnership has been registered by DFID Global School Partnerships on 15 January, 2010

Krisoker Saar (Farmers’ Voice) is funding and coordinating.

To see some works, Visit

Children of Class IV are participating in a weather project managed by St Albans Road Infant School in Dartford, England. The network consists of Schools from Lithuania, Russia, Norway, Turkey and England includes Bangladesh. There is an arrangement of video conferencing. Our children looking forward to join the conference with their monthly weather report in February hopefully.

Children are participating the online video conference on the weather project.

Weather Reporting

Earlier to the Partnership registered by DFID GSP Team, we applied under the GSP call from The British Council at Dhaka. They selected our school as well for the programme. Two personnel attended a resourceful and knowledge enriched workshop on 20 July 2010.

During Bangladesh Week at Hartley School

Hartley Primary School organised a Bangladesh week in November. Our Children feels happy that are able to share the events.


At these times, Children from the School are participating link programmes (excluding above two) with three Schools:

1. Springfield Primary School on “School foto diary”

2. Kentish Town Primary School on “Introducing”

3. Highland Primary School ” English New Year Card sending to 50 students   around the World”


Tigers at Hartley Bangladesh week

Announcement: There will be a “Hartley Day” in December