I Am A Local People @Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Whoever you are,

Whatever you are,

Where ever you are,

All of you,

All of yours,

All the places,

All the time flow,

You belongs to the locality.

Here you were borne and nurtured,

Here you had the childhood,

The locality devoted itself to transform the current you,

With all your capabilities,

With all your activities,

With all your responsibilities and liabilities,

You Are A Local People.

When You Are A Local People,

You are never alone.

When you are alone,

A lot of you emerges from you.

So you are never a person, but always a people.

When You Are A Local People,

You have to tackle the best obstacle first

From yourself,your family, your friends, community and your country.

But as you have the courage and wishes from rest the 99%,

So you must have to win,

Of course if you need it.

And we need it for the 100%.


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